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Everything you wished your Business Cards could do - Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of digitally utilising Business Cards.

Organise Your
Business Cards.
Smarter. Faster. Superior.


Smart Management

Lightweight & Streamlined

Never Lose a Card

The Revolutionary Way of Managing Business Cards

Transform paper business cards into fully interactive digital business cards, within seconds. With our unique functionalities, it’s the user-friendly way of handling Business Cards, compared to the conventional paper methods.

Create Your Business e-Card Profile

Simply scan your existing paper Business Card by using your smartphone camera. If you don’t already have a Business Card, you can create one manually.

Intelligent Library & Search Functions

Finding the right Business Card from your collection has never been easier or quicker. Search by keywords or filter by information fields.

Save Location (Google Maps Integration)

This unique feature allows you to never forget where you met the person who gave you that Business Card. Instantly find the location of where you met, with a tap of a button.

Feature-Rich Business App

Our simplistic design and powerful core features, come hand-in-hand to bring added benefits to business-minded people in a sustainable way.

Share Card

How Contapp Works

User-friendly Interface

Take a quick look at our tutorial video. One of the cleanest and leanest mobile apps for scanning business cards.


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Are my personal details secure?

Yes – The protection of your personal data is our priority. We will not share user’s personal data with any third-party company. Our secure infrastructure means your data will be in safe hands of Contapp

Can I export my library as a CSV File/spreadsheet?

Yes – Go to the Backup Data section of the app and click ‘Export’. Select the group you’d like to export into a CSV file and add a file name for the export. Once this is done, click ‘Save to Local Storage’ to begin the download. If you are doing this on an Android device, you also have the option to share your exported file on the Cloud.

Can I edit and delete scanned Business Cards from my library?

Yes – If you click on the Business Card in your library that you would like to edit or delete and then click on the three grey dots in the bottom corner, you will have the option to share, edit or delete.

Can I still create my profile if I do not have a Business Card already?

Yes – If you do not already have a paper Business Card to scan, you can manually create your Business e-Card very quickly and easily. Click ‘My Card’ and then ‘Create Card’. Here you will be able to manually add/edit all the relevant information you would like your recipients to see when you share your Business e-Card.

How do I report a bug on the app?

If you are experiencing any issues with the Contapp app, please contact our team on and we will work on resolving the issue as a matter of urgency.

Do I need anything else to be able to scan Business Cards to my smartphone?

All you need is the Contapp app downloaded on your device. Once it has downloaded, please select ‘yes’ when Contapp requests access to use the camera and location when Contapp is in use.

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