Empowering Female Entrepreneurship – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights and we have a very special article demonstrating that.

Female entrepreneurship has experienced huge growth and has bought new innovation to the table. The number of businesses owned by women has increased by 114% in the past 20 years. It’s incredible to see this flourish in recent years. 

Female entrepreneurs represent the fastest growing category of entrepreneurship worldwide. There is no doubt in saying that women are essential to the economy.

At Contapp, we encourage and support all paths of entrepreneurship. It’s an exciting journey which requires hard work, ambition and resilience. Empowering female entrepreneurs is not only the ‘right thing’ to do but it is also the ‘smart thing’ to do for every country.

Giuseppe Milazzo, Founder & CEO @ Contapp

We speak to some incredible females who are part of the success. They voice their personal experience of female entrepreneurship to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Erica Rankin – Founder & CEO @ Bro Dough

Being a female entrepreneur is so much more than building my dream business. I hope to show women that we CAN dominate the business world, it isn’t just a place for men.

Jess Archer – Founder & Innovation Consultant @ Savvy Phnx 

As an Innovation Consultant, I have several traits in mind which make my ideal client: Gender was never one of them, but somehow most of my clients have been women. 

Having worked in male dominated industries for most of my career, I have really embraced being part of such of a driven community of women and non-binary people. There is something very uplifting about working with a group of like-minded individuals, seeing so many startups headed by smart, ambitious young females.

I have unintentionally been surrounded by female entrepreneurs since the beginning of Savvy Phnx, and it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Amber Barry – Founder & CEO @ The Gift Girl

“Setting up my business during the COVID19 lockdown has not been without its challenges, but that’s what being an Entrepreneur is all about, you have to be able to adapt and be resilient because not everything is going to go as planned. 

I have found that the support I have had pre and post launching my business plays a key part towards my success. I have built a network of women around me that realise the importance of championing one another to be the best they can be, whilst also considering wellbeing. 

We must never forget that in order to perform at our best we must look ourselves first. There are so many female networks out there and I would encourage all female entrepreneurs to get involved as it brings so many other benefits alongside exposure to your business.”

Zoë Share – CEO @ Schmooz Media

I started my first company at 25 years old. As a young woman with no prior business experience, I have learned a lot about valuing myself and my time. When I became a parent, I became even more clear on how I wanted to be treated, who I wanted to surround myself with and how intentional I want to be about my journey. 

My tip to other female entrepreneurs (and entrepreneurs in general) is to look carefully at your clients, employees and numbers and ask yourself: are these people aligned with my goals and values? Are the profit margins being produced aligned with my goals and value? To me, these are game changing questions.

Pauline Kwasniak – Digital Entrepreneur and Marketer

When I was growing up I was convinced we were all equal; men and women. But in secondary school I observed that boys were encouraged to be bold, adventurous and risk taking. At the same time however, us girls were told to be polite and feminine. 

In the business world as a startup founder, I definitely saw this division carried through into the business world. I was the only female in my tech accelerator cohort in Ireland in 2018, and felt that I had to prove myself twice as hard – as a female and an immigrant. 

That is why for me personally as an activist and speaker, it is key to start talking about women’s entrepreneurship from a very young age and change our education system to inspire and empower girls to become whoever they want to be: not just polite and feminine.

Chloe Hackney – Founder & Managing Director @ PawBakes

I started my journey as a woman in business in 2016 and have enjoyed every part of developing my company as well as the challenges that I have learnt so much from. There should be no barriers to starting a business. 

I believe as a women entrepreneur, you should have confidence and belief in yourself and your ideas to pursue your passion without holding back.

Justine Perry – Managing Director @ Cariad Marketing

As a female entrepreneur, I believe you need to be flexible, resilient, confident and innovative. I’ve learned to invest in the best team you can afford, have a clear career progression plan for each person and make sure that you provide plenty of training.

My personal mantra is ‘practice what you preach’ and use this to inspire and motivate all of my team on a daily basis.

Gaynor Matthews – Co-founder & CIO @ myNexus

We know that female entrepreneurship contributes to the UK Economy and with more help & support becoming available, I think there is no better time for women to follow their dreams.  

However, being a female entrepreneur is not without its challenges especially around funding, female entrepreneurs are no different to male entrepreneurs and yet we are treated differently when it comes to the money. This is because of the inherent bias in an outdated process and something we’re determined to change at myNexus.

Joanna Martorana – Managing Director @ House of Heever Ltd

As a female entrepreneur myself and having observed other female entrepreneurs and leaders, the one thing that stands out consistently in our approach to building successful businesses stems from our innate ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence and wisdom in leadership through empathy and optimism; just two competencies that are critical for success.  

I do not subscribe to the notion that women leaders have to be like men to succeed in business, and in fact my experience has been the complete opposite. I am evidence of a female entrepreneur and leader who brings a different energy to the board room which in turn creates balance and progression for alternative outcomes and new paths of success. 

I have built and become an award-winning coach and had huge success in helping others build their businesses and create peace in their lives, I have built a successful online Amazon business, a successful trading business and a successful property investment portfolio – do these sound like the sorts of businesses only men could build and succeed in? Wrong… the notion of gender only creates boundaries to success in business if you choose to perceive that it does and if you use gender as an excuse – we all have the ability and equal opportunities to create our own destiny as long as we choose the right thoughts, invest in our own education and take action.

Amber Johnson – Founder @ Crown Quotes Ltd

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone but I just happened to be really good at creating new business ideas from scratch; when I started to build my first business I quickly realised that I was definitely born to be an Entrepreneur. I think women entrepreneurs are inspiring and phenomenal!

My business operates in the Property and Construction industry, working in such a male dominated industry has been great as it has taught me how to be: strong, resilient, persistent & determined. I hope that the number of female entrepreneurs increases in the future, I will always do what I can to encourage females to want more, do more and dream big! 

Charlotte Dennis – Founder & Director @ Curious Consultancy

My biggest challenge has always been self belief, balancing humility with ambition. This was my biggest gremlin not thinking I could do it, being scared of putting myself out there. It was my children that gave me this focus and determination.

For any woman looking to start a business I would say don’t listen to your inner gremlin, be confident, be ambitious and above all be your own number one fan!.

Zarina Naqv – Founder 

Become an expert in your specialised area and ideally become chartered (if possible in your chosen career). Persevere, ensure you are continuously developing yourself, especially in terms of social skills and emotional intelligence which are equally as important as qualifications. Having the right attitude is essential, you must demonstrate your social skills and emotional intelligence, which will set us apart in an increasingly automated world.

Be authentic. Trust is exceptionally important whilst working as a management consultant because without it you have little value. Be open & honest, don’t pretend, try to relax so that people in turn feel more comfortable around you. Authenticity is essential (and leads to) being trusted to work ethically and solve your client’s problems. It’s also needed when working as a director and managing those who work for you. And of course, for referrals within the industry, which are very important.

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